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I worked for Rangam Consultants for two years. I was supported from the on boarding team, payroll to off boarding. Rangam always answered my questions in a timely manner and was generous with their time. Rangam had a yearly party and invited all of us to celebrate. If you are on the fence about working for Rangam, go forward, they are a great company.

You guys are absolutely fantastic. I'm 65 years old and rarely do I come across people so accommodating. If the world was like the way Rangam was to me, it would be a better place. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope to working with you again.

It has been a real pleasure working for Rangam and with its staff.

It was a pleasure to meet everyone from Rangam. You all were so nice and cheerful. I thank you so much for getting this job for me.

I heard about Rangam through a friend of mine who was already working with them. I was extremely pleased with the relationship that I was able to develop with recruiters.

The best part of working with Rangam is the relationship is very strong. They are sensitive to what my needs were and I felt that there was a very good alignment between the services I could provide and what they could provide to me.

Rangam is actually one of the 89 vendors that we have and most certainly, one of the top-performing vendors on the MSP.


Administrative Assistant




Network Relations Specialist


Project Implementation Department


Ph.D., PMP®, Global Program Management


Global Program Management


Program Coordinator – IT

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